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(...) Some things to consider about the current movement and status of asexuality:
-It is newly organized and just beginning to receive publicity, due to the internet people are learning about and coming out as asexual and/or questioning.
-There is a division within the movement over whether asexuality falls under the queer umbrella and whether it should be added on to the LGBTQ acronym.
-Asexuality is not being taught in sex-ed or in books with regards to human sexuality.
-There is a complete lack of resources available for an asexual or questioning asexual person.
-Laws which mandate marriages be consummated are discriminatory against asexual couples.
-The Diagnostic Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association lists asexuality as "Hypoactive Sexual Desire isorder"
-Asexuals who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or intersex face additional struggles and lack of equal rights.
Those points being noted, do you think that asexuality is the next battle on the civil rights front? Is this a battle for some degree of equal rights and recognition or more a battle for acceptance and understanding?

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