terça-feira, janeiro 29

It’s all about appearance [O que conta é a aparência]

Lately I’ve bought hair-dye (granada red) and lipstick (I wanted plum, but it turned out to be too-pink). I fingered some silvery nail-polish, even considered black, which I’ve never worn. In fact, I hardly ever wear make-up. So what’s all this about?

Yes, I’ve discovered a grey hair or two. And yes, I tend to buy all kinds of unnecessary but suddenly appealing things when it’s SALDOS. And, lets face it, my lips are lovely and deserve to be loved.

But also, I used to wear blue nailpolish, and glitter, and bindi. Not (just a) style, but part of a lifestyle: studying, intellectual arguments, budding political consciousness – in short, me in the making.

And maybe this a small clue as to why I suddenly have the urge to colour myself in. It’s not so much about appearance, but APPEARING [APARECER]. Bright and bold: me created by myself. A version drawn in vivid colourful strokes to render a recognizable image of how I would like to be (not look [parecer]). And I know not even red hair and dramatic lips or lashes can make up for that.

Ps The following image was painted entirely with beauty products! (see www.rhondaschallerchelsea.com)

© Elizabeth Pacentrilli Playful (Cosmetic Appeal series) Cosmetics 40” x 30” (102 x 76 cm) 2007

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DomingonoMundo disse...

E ainda dizem que a cosmética é superficial!!!

jomaolme disse...

Têm Um prémio no meu blog...